Dogma Hospital Ltd.

Dogma Hospital Ltd. is a General Hospital established in 1998. It is located in a busy urban hub at North Badda in Dhaka. The hospital governed by a dynamic set of leadership.

Dogma Hospital Ltd. Hospital is registered under the Company Act 1994 of Bangladesh. The Hospital is administered and managed in accordance with upright healthcare practices. The current Scheme of Management was approved in 2016. The property is vested in Board of Directors.

The Hospital has a total of 50 beds – 40 In-Patient beds and 10 Day Care beds. The In-Patient specialties are General Medicine, General Surgery and Gynaecology. We also have an Urgent Care Centre incorporating a Local Injuries Unit and Medical Assessment Unit.

Our services include:

  • Consultant Out-Patient Clinics
  • Diagnostic Radiological and Laboratory services
  • Day Surgery
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists in the areas of Diabetes, Continence Management, Respiratory Care, Health Promotion, Infection Control, Palliative Care and Pain Management
  • A dietetic service providing nutritional assessment, dietary advice, education and evaluation
  • Physiotherapy and Pharmacy services

Mission Statement

“Faithful to our tradition, we provide the highest possible standard of care and treatment in a professional and compassionate manner to every person who avails of our services”

Vision and Values

Based on our Mission Statement, our vision and values are:

  • To build a first class patient focused service based on high quality and evidence based practice throughout the organization.
  • To provide this service as close to the patient as possible, in a well-managed and appropriate environment.
  • To promote a culture that will:
    • Ensure high quality care/service is provided.
    • Ensure that decisions regarding delivery of care/service are patient focused and evidence based.
    • Support and invest in education and training, thereby promoting the continuous development of the workforce in order to maximize the potential of staff at all levels


Our goals are to: -

  • Continuously improve all our services through quality management
  • Focus on our patients and deliver high quality service
  • Involve all our partners in our quality improvement activities
  • Empower employees to make appropriate decisions
  • Have the highest degree of respect for one another and value diversity
  • Use training, teamwork and open communication to enable all employees to achieve their full potential
  • Recognize and reward employees’ contributions
  • Take all reasonable steps to ensure that patients, visitors, staff and all others in contact with the Hospital are afforded the safest possible environment.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards in protecting the public and the environment
  • Measure the effectiveness of our activities and monitor progress towards achieving our Vision

History and Tradition

Dogma Hospital limited was founded in 1998 in Badda area by five visionary & philanthropic persons. It’s a 4 storied building. Since it origination Dogma Hospital Ltd is trying to endeavor quality healthcare in affordable cost for the people who seek for better service. We are expanding our role, particularly in relation to General Medicine, General Surgery and Gynaecology.


Smoke Free Campus

Dogma Hospital Ltd. Hospital is a Smoke Free Campus

Patients, staff and visitors are not permitted to smoke in the hospital buildings or on the hospital grounds

Under the Public Health Tobacco Amendment Bill governing smoking in the workplace, smoking is strictly prohibited in all hospital buildings.

As a member of the Health Promoting Hospitals Network, Dogma Hospital Ltd. Hospital promotes a completely smoke-free environment throughout the entire hospital and grounds. The hospital has a duty to provide a healthy environment and a safe place for patients to be treated.

What we ask of patients who smoke:

  • Do not smoke while you are in hospital
  • Do not bring cigarettes into the hospital
  • Please support our efforts to create a healthy smoke free environment for all who come to the hospital

Smoking cessation counselling/therapy is available and any patient who wishes to avail of this service should inform the Senior Nurse on duty.

Patients who leave the hospital grounds to smoke do so at their own risk.


Board of Directors

The Hospital is controlled and governed by a Board of Directors.

There is an Annual General Meeting of the Board of Directors each year and at this meeting the Annual Accounts are submitted, the Management Committee is constituted, the Auditors are appointed and any other business may be considered or adjourned or referred to the Management Committee.

An extra-ordinary meeting of the Board may be requisitioned by not less than 5 members of the Board or by the Management Committee.

Management Committee

The management and business of the Hospital is conducted by the Committee, constituted annually by the Board of Directors.

Medical Board

The Medical Board acts as an advisory body to the Management Committee and reports to the Management Committee on any matter which it considers should receive the consideration of the Management Committee.

The Medical Board consists of all Consultant Medical Staff.

Organization Structure

The following outlines how the Hospitals services are managed and coordinated.

Managing Director

The Managing Director is responsible for the day-to-day management of the Hospital, including:

  1. Responsibility for the executive Management of the Hospital
  2. Monitoring the delivery of agreed levels of clinical activity within approved financial allocations
  3. The recruitment, supervision and remuneration of staff.
  4. The implementation of service plans and ensuring that the net expenditure determined by the Health Service Executive is not exceeded.

Strategy Group

The Strategy Group is responsible for reviewing strategic issues and developing strategic plans.

Service Heads

Each Service Head is responsible for the day-to-day management of his/her service area.

Department Heads

Each Department Head is responsible for the day-to-day management of his/her department.

See our: Management Organogram.